Keeping & Carrying

the Peace Light

There are many methods of maintaining and transporting the Peace Light.

The most commonly used are outlined here.  

Oil Lanterns

Oil lanterns are good for transporting the flame long distances and maintaining it during long ceremonies.  They have a strong reliable flame source and can burn for many hours depending on the size of the fuel tank.  Oil lanterns make a great centerpiece for a ceremony, and normally open easily at the bottom to access the flame for transfer.  We highly recommend using a liquid paraffin or other smokeless and odorless fuel. 

UCO Candle Lanterns

UCO candle lanterns are a convenient and reliable method of transporting a Peace Light flame for a few hours.  The UCO lantern has a sturdy metal frame and a glass chimney.  To light the candle you slide the glass chimney down and light the exposed candle wick. As the candle burns, the spring-powered tube pushes the candle up for a reliable, constant flame. If you place the small candle lantern inside a stainless steel coffee mug, they will fit nicely in a vehicle cup holder for convenient travel.

Sanctuary Candles

Sanctuary Candles will maintain the Peace Light for many days; they are available from online retailers and church supply houses, and are usually used by churches to keep a constant flame.  These are most typically used for stationary flames, but they are convenient for short travel distances and will fit nicely in a vehicle cup holder; just use caution that melted wax doesn't extinguish the flame.

Vigil Candles

Vigil candles, sometimes called prayer or church candles, are inexpensive and commonly available at many retailers.  They are great for sharing the Peace Light person-to-person and for maintaining the flame for a day or two.  They fit nicely in a vehicle cup holder so travel is convenient, but be careful that melted wax doesn't extinguish the flame.

Gas Lamps

Gas lamps are usually available from natural gas and propane companies or specialty stores and manufacturers.  There are many beautiful styles and flame tips available.  They should be installed by a qualified plumber. Gas light fixtures are safe to burn indoors and provide a reliable, safe, continuous flame at a home, church, or business, but can't be transported.

Candles for Sharing

When appropriate, attendees at your candlelight ceremony should be encouraged to bring their own candle or lantern so they can take the flame home.

For an inexpensive alternative, however, consider small candles typically provided at candlelight services and vigils.  They are readily available from online and brick-and-mortar retailers and typically come with paper or cardboard drip guards.

They are not appropriate for travel or maintaining the flame more than a few minutes.