Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is the Peace Light?

The Peace Light is a perpetual flame originating from the site of Jesus birth and spread around the world with a message of peace and friendship.

Who can participate with the Peace Light? Is it just for Scouts?

The Peace Light program is open to anyone.

How can I get involved?

You can light a candle from the Peace Light, share its message of peace and friendship with others, be part of the distribution network, host the flame for others to retrieve, or become a Keeper of the Light. Visit our Be Involved page for more information.

How long should I keep my flame?

Some only burn a candle for a few minutes, some maintain the flame through Christmas or Epiphany, others choose to become a Keeper of the Light and maintain it for an extended period. The decision really depends on you and your circumstances; any choice is correct.

Do I have to share the flame with someone else? Who should I share with?

We encourage everyone to share the Peace Light's message of peace and friendship. Consider sharing with anyone who will appreciate the gift or needs a bit of hope: houses of worship, homeless shelters, friends, family, nursing and rehabilitation facilities, places of cultural importance, hospitals, etc. You can also give it as a gift and include it in weddings and funerals.

What if my flame goes out?

A Keeper of the Light will be happy to share with you again. Visit our Find the Peace Light page to find the flame near you.

What is a Peace Light infused candle?

This is a candle that has burned the Peace Light then been extinguished. While the Peace Light is meant to be shared as a continuous flame, Peace Light infused candles are occasionally used when it is not possible to transfer a live flame.

I have some great photos of my Peace Light activities. What should I do with them?

We would love to see them! Please post them to our Peace Light - North America Facebook group.

Spreading the Flame

How does the Peace Light get to North America?

Austrian Airlines flies the Peace Light from Vienna, Austria into New York City each year. The Catholic Committee for Scouting of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens hosts a reception and distribution ceremony at John F. Kennedy Airport where the flame begins its journey across North America. Visit our New York City Arrival page for more information about this year's arrival.

When does the flame arrive?

Austrian Airlines chooses the date they will bring the Peace Light to us. It usually arrives early in December. Visit the New York City Arrival page for more information.

Where in North America does the Peace Light travel?

Our goal is for the Peace Light to reach every corner of the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. Visit our Find the Peace Light page to learn more.

Where can I get the Peace Light? How do I find out who has the Peace Light near me?

Just visit the map on our Find the Peace Light page.

What if no one near me has it?

Please help us grow our distribution network. If you know someone between you and the nearest point of contact, ask if they would be interested in helping move the flame. Peace Light North America or any Keeper of the Light will be happy to help you develop the distribution network.


How do I safely transport the flame?

You'll find all the information you need at Keeping and Carrying the Peace Light and Safely Handling Oil Lanterns.

What should I use in my house to burn the Peace Light?

There are several options that might fit your needs. Visit Keeping and Carrying the Peace Light to learn more. We strongly recommend candles or lamps burning smokeless paraffin oil for indoor use.


Are there resources available?

We have collected a number of resources that you may find helpful; we encourage you to choose those that are most relevant for your situation. We have also included some ready-to-use resources that you are welcome to download and use as-is or personalize as you prefer. Please visit our Resources page for more information.

Does the Peace Light qualify as a Messengers of Peace project for Scouts?

Yes! Scouts should be actively involved in the project in a way that is appropriate for their age. For younger Scouts, this might be serving as ushers or handing out programs at a candlelight ceremony. Older Scouts could be involved in planning the ceremony or other relevant activities. There is more information on our For Scouts page.

Is there a patch or other merchandise?

One of our volunteers designs and markets a commemorative patch each year and we also have lapel pins and Austrian Peace Light badges available. Proceeds from the sale benefit various organizations that support Scouting. Please visit our Merchandise page for more information.