Host Sites

Serving as a Host Site for the Peace Light allows others to pick up the flame at a time that's convenient for you both.

How to become a Host Site

Hosting the Peace Light is a very simple process.  You're simply making it available for others to pick up within your specified days and times.

Give your visitors a bonus

Here are some ideas if you'd like to go an extra mile...

Words of Wisdom

Volunteers Don Shapley and Bonnie Kubacka of BSA's Heart of America Council in Kansas City have managed a Peace Light Hosting Site for a number of years.  They share some words of wisdom with us.

"At the Heart of America Council in Kansas City, we implement the distribution of the International Peace Light to demonstrate our Duty to God.  Hosting this important symbol of peace and hope at our council office bridges many walks of faith. It creates good will and partnerships within the local community that ripples outward to other communities to spread the Peace Light message. It serves as a means for our young people to observe peace and avoid hate. (In addition to “hosting the flame” at a central location, take it out into the community.  Have members of your committee take it out as an offering of peace to houses of worship, community organizations, partnering organizations, care centers, families.) It's important to remember that any effort to spread the Peace Light message is not too small or insignificant! Start small and, like a flame, watch it grow over time!   Guide to Being a Host Site:
Start Early!
  • Start planning early enough that you can secure a venue and volunteers. September is not too soon!

Secure venue
  • We partner with our local council office to provide the centralized location. 

Secure volunteers
  • Reach out to other organizations that would embrace the project. Our Council works with several interfaith organizations and community groups that provide collaborative efforts to promote Scouting in other areas of our community and opportunities to serve non-scouting faith communities.
  • The Scouting community is our volunteer core. Start with the Council Interfaith Religious Relationships Committee.
  • The Religious Emblems Coordinators of each District is another important touchpoint for volunteers.
  • If the Peace Light doesn’t come directly to your location or city, you need to arrange for a volunteer to retrieve it! Make arrangements early for this important job!
  • Secure volunteers to keep the flame and be available to distribute. It’s important to have 2-3 flames in pilot lights that can be a backup and gathered throughout the year for events/observances.

Create a Schedule of Events 
  • Plan an approximate timeline to offer the Peace Light
  • Plan a Peace Light distribution ceremony. There are examples and sample scripts on the Peace Light website that can be tailored to fit your needs.
  • Determine how many days and the hours the Peace Light flame will be available for volunteers/community to come gather their flame.

Map out a volunteer Flowchart
  • A flowchart will help determine volunteer points of contact and where the Peace Light flame will be distributed.
    • Ex: »Peace Light Coordinator/Committee
      • »Council Religious Relationships Committee
        • »Scouting Community: District Religious Emblems Coordinators
          • »Unit Chaplains
            • »Community Organization volunteers 
  • Get the word out early! Our Council is a tremendous help with social media presence. Information/announcements and fliers are also distributed at District Roundtables. 
  • Signage: A vinyl banner is a great investment that will advertise the Peace Light and help direct people to the distribution point.
  • A local press release explaining the Peace Light project and who to contact is helpful to spread the word to community.
  • Don’t forget to advertise that the Peace Light is available year-round from Keepers of the Flame for ceremonies/observances of every faith."