Be Involved

There are numerous ways for you, your family, and/or your organization to be involved with the Peace Light.

Join Peace Light North America

There are two benefits to joining the Peace Light North America family.

You'll be added to our e-mail list, giving you first access to new and updated information, and you'll be visible to other Peace Light enthusiasts across North America.

Visit our Membership page to join and see our membership map.

Expand the Path of Travel

Use our mapping tools to find the flame near you, then transport it to someone else. Be willing to stop along the path for others to meet you and pick the flame up.

Visit our Find the Peace Light page to find the Peace Light near you.

Host the Flame

Maintain the Peace Light in a protected area such as a church, office lobby, or your front porch where others can stop by to pick it up.

You specify the dates and hours the Peace Light is accessible.

Visit our Find the Peace Light page to register your hosting site or find one near you.

Hold an Event

Host a candlelight ceremony or utilize the Peace Light in an event that others can attend. This could be a Scout function, worship service, or a dedicated Peace Light sharing ceremony.

Visit our Resources page for assistance in planning an event, and our Find the Peace Light page to let others know about your plans.

Keeper of the Light

Maintain the Peace Light year-round or for a specified period of time and be willing to share it with others upon request.

The flame can be maintained in dedicated fixtures, eternal flames, sanctuary lamps, appliance pilot lights, or even long-burning candles or lanterns. Many Keepers maintain the flame in multiple locations to mitigate the risk of losing the flame.

Visit our Find the Peace Light page to register as a Keeper or find a Keeper near you.

Share the Peace Light

Give the Peace Light as a gift, share it with your house of worship, family, co-workers or other group, or tell someone else about it.