The Peace Light is an intensely personal experience.  The flame and its message of peace and friendship are precious to all of us, but in vastly different ways.  We would love to hear your stories!

Why are you involved with the Peace Light?

What's your favorite aspect of the Peace Light?

How have you used the Peace Light?

Who have you shared the Peace Light with?

How did you become involved with the Peace Light?

"The Interfaith Religious Relationships Committee of the Heart of America Council has adopted the International Peace Flame as one of its ministries. The committee collaborates with a number of faith and interfaith communities in the Kansas City area. One of our partners is the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council.

The GKCIC holds an annual Tables of Faith where various faith traditions and interfaith organizations have a table to explain their faith or mission.  Each year our HOAC committee attends the event to demonstrate scouting's commitment to faith acceptance and encourage kids from all faiths and cultures to enjoy the benefits of the scouting program.

This year we took our banner and the flame.  Each table at the event received a tealight candle for their table and a wish of peace.  People of all faiths were appreciative of the story behind the flame and its significance.

My continued thanks to Bonnie Kubacka for her tireless service to scouting and support by coordinating this special program."

Don Shapley

"In December of 2012 I received my first Peace Light in Southbury, CT from several Scouter friends. They all knew I was a first responder, as a Conn. State Trooper, to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that had occurred only a few days prior. After receiving the flame and learning of it's journey and symbolic importance, I took my Peace Light to the SHES and placed it at the front door of the school and prayed for comfort to the families, friends and my fellow state troopers. The flame was then taken to the United Methodist Church of Sandy Hook, CT and St. Rose of Lima Church of Newtown, CT and shared. In Dec 2013 I received the Peace Light flame at the Chapel In The Sky at JFK and brought it to St. Rose of Lima again where it was welcomed by Reverend Monsignor Robert E. Weiss. I have received the flame each year since and spread it throughout, whom ever will receive it."  

Orlando 'Lonny' Mo

"The Peace Light coming to Western Massachusetts has brought our community together, and by community I mean both our Scouting and our local communities. The Peace Light brings with it the universal message of Peace and seeing Scouts and Scouters, local clergy, and townspeople coming together to share that light has brought people together and made a real difference." 

Joshua David Hall

"My name is Jessica Lynch and I am from BSA Troop 97. I loved attending the 2019 Peace light ceremony at Minsi Trail Council Scout Shop in Allentown, PA back in December 2019. What I loved about it was, learning where it comes from, how it travels internationally, and how I was able to keep the flame burning at home until Dec 24, 2019. After the ceremony, we had an hour drive home, and I kept the light in a small contained jar to travel and be safe with, Once I got home, I transferred the flame, into another jar candle in a safe place, and kept it burning 24 hrs a day, until Christmas Eve. I shared the peace light with others in our Troop 97 and explained what it means so others will join in the next ceremony." 

Jessica Lynch

"The Peace Light's message is universal. Regardless of religion, geography, gender, age, language, socioeconomic status, education, political belief, heritage, or culture, the message of peace and friendship is appealing and relevant to everyone. The Peace Light bridges differences and brings us all together in friendship."

Karla Christian